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Realme Festive Days Sale Is Live now

Realme Festive Days Sale Is Live Now-This may be the ideal time to buy a Realme smartphone, tablet, or other device if you have been holding off. The Realme Festive Days sale has been launched by Realme. The promotion has already begun and will run through October 8. Realme is offering discounts and deals on a variety of realme devices throughout the sale, including smartphones, laptops, and AIOT gadgets.The business will offer a discount of up to Rs 7,000 during the sale on the recently released Realme GT Neo 3T. Customers can also get Realme GT 2 Pro discounts of up to Rs 15,000. During the sale, the starting price for the Narzo 50 5G would be Rs 11,999.


Realme Festive Days Sale Here Is Price List For Realme Devices


Model NameVariantCurrent MOPFlipkart OffersFlipkart Sale sale PriceChannel
realme C302GB+32GBRs 6999Rs 700Rs 6299Rs 699Rs
realme C303GB+32GBRs 7999Rs 700Rs 7299Rs 500Rs
realme C30 (DLC)2GB+32GBRs 6999Rs 700Rs 6299Rs 699Rs
realme C30 (DLC)3GB+32GBRs 7999Rs 700Rs 7299Rs 500Rs
realme C333GB+32GBRs 8999Rs 1200Rs 7799Rs 1000Rs
realme C334GB+64GBRs 9999Rs 1200Rs 8799Rs 1000Rs
realme C354GB+64GBRs 11999Rs 1000Rs 10999Rs 750Rs
realme C354GB+128GBRs 12999Rs 1000Rs 11999Rs 750Rs
realme C356GB+128GBRs 13999Rs 1000Rs 12999Rs 750Rs
realme 9i4GB+128GBRs 14999Rs 3900Rs 11099Rs 3500Rs
realme 9 5G4GB+64GBRs 15999Rs 1400Rs 14599Rs 1000Rs
realme 9 5G6GB+128GBRs 17499Rs 3400Rs 14099Rs 3000Rs
realme 9 5G SE6GB+128GBRs 19999Rs 5500Rs 14499Rs 5000Rs
realme 9 5G SE8GB+128GBRs 22999Rs 6500Rs 16499Rs 6000Rs
realme 9 (4G)6GB+128GBRs 16999Rs 3400Rs 13599Rs 3000Rs
realme 9 (4G)8GB+128GBRs 17999Rs 3500Rs 14499Rs 3000Rs
realme 9i 5G4GB+64GBRs 14999Rs 1800Rs 13199Rs 1500Rs
realme 9i 5G6GB+128GBRs 16999Rs 1800Rs 15199Rs 1500Rs
realme 9 Pro 5G6GB+128GBRs 18999Rs 4400Rs 14599Rs 4000Rs
realme 9 Pro 5G8GB+128GBRs 20999Rs 4400Rs 16599Rs 4000Rs
realme 9 Pro+ 5G8GB+128GBRs 26999Rs 3650Rs 23349Rs 3000Rs
realme 9 Pro+ 5G8GB+256GBRs 28999Rs 3650Rs 25349Rs 3000Rs
realme GT NEO 38GB+128GBRs 36999Rs 2900Rs 34099Rs 2000Rs
realme GT NEO 38GB+256GBRs 38999Rs 2900Rs 36099Rs 2000Rs
realme GT NEO 312GB+256GBRs 42999Rs 3000Rs 39999Rs 2000Rs
realme GT 28GB+128GBRs 34999Rs 7800Rs 27199Rs 7000Rs
realme GT 212GB+256GBRs 37999Rs 7900Rs 30099Rs 7000Rs
realme GT 2 Pro8GB+128GBRs 49999Rs 8100Rs 41899Rs 7000Rs
realme GT 2 Pro12GB+256GBRs 57999Rs 8300Rs 49699Rs 7000Rs
realme GT NEO 3T6GB+128GBRs 29999Rs 6700Rs 23299Rs 6000Rs
realme GT NEO 3T8GB+128GBRs 31999Rs 6700Rs 25299Rs 6000Rs
realme GT NEO 3T8GB+256GBRs 33999Rs 6700Rs 27299Rs 6000Rs
Model NameVariantCurrent MOPAmazon OffersAmazon Sale sale PriceChannel
narzo 50A4GB+64GBRs11499Rs 1000Rs10499Rs 1000Rs
narzo 50A4GB+128GBRs 12499Rs 1000Rs11499Rs 1000Rs
narzo 50i2GB+32GBRs 7499Rs 1000Rs6499Rs 1000Rs
narzo 50i2GB+32GBRs 7499Rs 500Rs 6999Rs 500Rs
narzo 50i4GB+64GBRs 8999Rs 1000Rs 7999Rs 1000Rs
narzo 50i4GB+64GBRs 8999Rs 500Rs 8499Rs 500Rs
narzo 50 5G4GB+128GBRs 16999Rs 3250Rs 13749Rs 3250Rs
narzo 50 Pro 5G6GB+128GBRs 21999Rs 7000Rs 14999Rs 4250Rs
narzo 50 Pro 5G6GB+128GBRs 21999Rs 4250Rs 17749NANAAmazon
narzo 504GB+64GBRs 12999Rs 3000Rs 9999Rs 3000Rs
narzo 504GB+64GBRs 12999Rs 3000Rs 9999NANAAmazon
narzo 506GB+128GBRs 15499Rs 2750Rs 12749Rs 2750Rs
narzo 30 5G6GB+128GBRs 16999Rs 4000Rs 12999Rs 4000Rs
narzo 50i Prime4GB+64GBRs 8999Rs 1000Rs 7999Rs 1000Rs
narzo 50i Prime3GB+32GBRs 7999NANARs 1000Rs
narzo 50A Prime4GB+128GBRs 12499Rs 2000Rs 10499Rs 2000Rs

Realme Festive Days Sale Online offers details of AIoT products:

Model NameVariantCurrent MOPOffersSale PriceChannel
realme Smart TV Neo32 InchRs 11999Rs 2000Rs
realme Smart TV 80cm32 InchRs 13999Rs 3000Rs
realme Smart TV Full HD 80cm(Black)32 InchRs 16499Rs 3450Rs
realme Smart TV X Full HD 100cm40 InchRs 19999Rs 3500Rs
realme Smart TV X Full HD 108cm43 InchRs 22999Rs 4500Rs
realme Smart TV 4K 108cm43 InchRs 27999Rs 2500Rs
realme Smart TV 4K 126cm50 InchRs 31999Rs 1500Rs
realme Smart TV SLED 4K 139cm55 InchRs 38999Rs 1500Rs
realme Buds WirelessAllRs 1799Rs 300Rs
realme Buds Wireless ProAllRs 2999Rs 500Rs
realme Buds Wireless 2AllRs 2299Rs 200Rs
realme Buds Wireless 2 NeoAllRs 1299NARs
realme Buds Wireless 2SAllRs 1499NARs
realme Buds Q2AllRs 2499Rs 700Rs
realme Buds Q2 NeoAllRs 1599Rs 400Rs
realme Buds Q2SAllRs 1999Rs 200Rs
realme Buds Air 3SAllRs 2499Rs 500Rs
realme Buds Air 2AllRs 3299Rs 300Rs
realme Buds Air 3AllRs 3999Rs 500Rs
realme Buds Air 3 NeoAllRs 1999NARs
realme Techlife Buds T100AllRs 1499NARs
realme Buds Air ProAllRs 4999Rs 1000Rs
realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker 5WAllRs 1799Rs 600Rs
realme Techlife Watch S100AllRs 2499Rs 700Rs
realme Watch 3AllRs 3499Rs 700Rs
realme Watch 3 ProAllRs 4999NARs
realme Techlife Watch R100AllRs 3999Rs 500Rs
realme Watch SAllRs 4999Rs 500Rs
realme Power Bank 3i QCAllRs 1199Rs 200Rs
realme Power Bank 3 PDAllRs 1499Rs 200Rs
realme Smart Camera 360AllRs 2999Rs 300Rs
realme Smart PlugAllRs 799Rs 300Rs
realme LED Smart Bulb 9WAllRs 749Rs 200Rs
realme Techlife Robot Vacuum CleanerAllRs 24999Rs 5000Rs
realme Sonic Toothbrush M1AllRs 1999Rs 600Rs
realme Beard TrimmerAllRs 1299Rs 300Rs
realme Hair dryerAllRs 1999Rs 600Rs

Realme Festive Days Sale More Products

Model NameVariantCurrent MOPOffersSale PriceChannelBank OffersSale Price Post Bank Offers
realme Book Slimi3 8GB+256GBRs 46999Rs 12000Rs 34999Flipkart10% Instant Discount Up to Rs 1500 on HDFC Bank Cards

Note – this BO is on Flipkart only.

Rs 31899
realme Book Slimi5 8GB+512GBRs 59999Rs 14000Rs 45999FlipkartRs 41999


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